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PHP mail() not working?

** If you are using any dedicated server, cloud instance (like AWS, Linode, Digital Ocean Droplet etc.) and php mail() function or wp_mail() isn’t working for you? If yes, then this resource can help you ** First we need to understand how php mail() works. PHP mail function invokes any mail server to send the […]

Apache Laravel

Laravel remove public from url

When you setup a new laravel website you want to get rid of that “/public” in the url. Here is a direct code which you can paste into .htaccess file of root to remove that annoying “public” Or if you have domain access then you can just point your domain to public folder directly.

Apache Hosting Linux

Automated Script To Create Virtual Host on Linux

It is always complicated to create virtual hosts every time you setup a new website especially for developers and webs designers who do it regularly. This script will automate this process of creating virtual hosts with a single command: sudo virtualhost create Download From Github Credits: Thanks to for this useful script Installation […]