• 20.Dec.2019 | codedrill | Hosting, Apache, Linux

    Automated Script To Create Virtual Host on Linux

    It is always complicated to create virtual hosts every time you setup a new website especially for developers

  • 16.Oct.2022 | codedrill | Apache, Hosting, Linux, MySQL, PHP

    install php 7.4, mysql, apache, phpmyadmin on ubuntu 18

    Being a PHP developer we frequently come across requirements where we need to install xampp or Apache, PHP,

  • 23.Dec.2019 | codedrill | Laravel, Apache

    Laravel remove public from url

    When you setup a new laravel website you want to get rid of that “/public” in the url. Here is a

  • 25.Mar.2021 | codedrill | Apache, Cpanel, Linux, PHP

    Linux find php file by process id

    Sometimes on dedicated hosting, there can be some scripts that will start consuming 100% of CPU and all the

  • 19.Dec.2020 | codedrill | Apache, Hosting, PHP

    PHP mail() not working?

    ** If you are using any dedicated server, cloud instance (like AWS, Linode, Digital Ocean Droplet, etc.), and