• 20.Dec.2019 | codedrill | Cpanel, Git

    Cpanel Git

    If you are a developer who prefers to write code on localhost during the development process then it is

  • 25.Mar.2021 | codedrill | Apache, Cpanel, Linux, PHP

    Linux find php file by process id

    Sometimes on dedicated hosting, there can be some scripts that will start consuming 100% of CPU and all the

  • 5.Jan.2024 | codedrill | Apache, Cpanel, Hosting, PHP

    Multi PHP using PHP-FPM Ubuntu

    Problem Statement When we manage our own cloud server/vps or even local machine, we come across situations

  • 20.Dec.2019 | codedrill | Drupal, Cpanel, Hosting, Laravel, PHP, Wordpress

    Server to Server Files Migration

    When you have shared hosting you always think of finding a way to directly migrate files from one server to