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Laravel remove public from url

When you setup a new laravel website you want to get rid of that “/public” in the url. Here is a direct code which you can paste into .htaccess file of root to remove that annoying “public” Or if you have domain access then you can just point your domain to public folder directly.

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Zip/Unzip using PHP Script

When you have limited access to client’s server (for example FTP only), then it becomes really difficult to download and upload multiple files/folders. It might take several hours to download/upload a full fledged Drupal or Laravel website with Filezilla if files are not compressed into zip folder. To overcome this problem and to save developer’s […]

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Server to Server Files Migration

When you have shared hosting you always think of finding a way to directly migrate files from one server to another without downloading. We have a script called “Downloader.php” which can download zip file directly from url. It is suitable to migrate medium sized WordPress website, Drupal or any other website. Direct files migration can […]