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How to download google drive private file with wget or curl

While moving large websites it is quite time consuming to first download the file on local and then uploading it to the server.

Best solution in that case is to do server to server migration. But if the files are on google drive then they won’t directly downloading using wget. We need to pass some more parameters to make it work.

Easiest way is to put your download url in postman and send GET request. If it starts downloading the file then click the “code” on right and export as WGET request.

wget --no-check-certificate --quiet \
  --method GET \
  --timeout=0 \
  --header '' \
   'url url here'

It will download the file and then you can rename that to respective extension. For example if your source file is in .tar.gz then you need to rename downloaded file to filename.tar.gz and then use suitable command to extract tar file.

 tar -xf archive.tar.gz

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