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Getting Your First Project on Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is a large marketplace providing business opportunities online to independent professionals globally. Create an account, collaborate remotely with freelancers, get work and achieve your targets.

Registered at freelancer.com but how to get your first project? This is the first thought that comes to mind. After spending a lot of time in writing proposals, maintaining profiles & portfolios, you realize that all efforts are going in vain. You are in competition with the number of certified freelancers to get a single project. So, how to win the bid?

After thorough research, I am here with proven tricks to get your first project. Get your key to earn here:

 Get attention:

You are not alone here! Hundreds of established freelancers with good reviews and portfolio are in battle with you. Let’s have a look at the ways to get client’s attention.

Always read the job description carefully to find out what the customer is asking. And, acknowledge them you have understood all the requirements.

You can do this by writing a few lines as follows:

“Hello there, Greetings! I saw you are looking for an experienced developer to make a flow of buttons in a website. “

While checking proposals client always read first sentence of all the proposals. This is the reason for making the first sentence of your proposal engaging. This convinces them to click on your proposal.

Try to target tiny projects like: Website Migration, Fix small bug etc. And in your proposal mention on the top that you can start right away and will do it in this much time. This trick worked for me many times, because if clients have quick and small task and are in hurry then they might ignore if you are new.

Convince the client

This is the step where people mess up the things even after having all the required skills. It’s very important to convince the client with smart and precise content. Show them you have all the required experience to get the job done. Always try to keep it simple and knowledgeable by providing portfolio of relevant work. 

Try to create a URL that contains two or more items.

 “Hello there, Greetings! I saw you are looking for an experienced developer to make a flow of   -----------------

I understood what you are looking for. Here are the similar work samples I have done before in WordPress:

1. http://codedrillinfotech.com/

2. https://www.tour2hp.com/

3. http://codedrillinformatics.com/

If you are new to the market with zero clients and projects, you can show the work you have done. For example, you can make a logo and share it with client.

Wind up your proposal

Try to finish your proposal with a question when possible. It’s not important to ask a complicated question. You can ask a simple question to clear things. Asking questions shows your unrevealed skills and opens up a door for more work opportunities.


You can get your first project by applying these simple tricks on your proposal. Getting a project on freelancer.com is not complicated if you are following the right strategies.

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